How New Technology & Products are part of the Urban Shield exercise.

Urban Shield 2016 will allow companies to place their products and technology directly into the hands of SWAT, Fire, EOD,  and EMS professionals. The SWAT and EMS scenarios take place between 0500 September 10th to 0500 hours September 12th.  These scenarios run for approximately 1hour and 15 minutes and contain a brief and debrief.  The EOD and Fire scenarios will take place for 12 hours each day September 10 and 11.  Vendors are STRONGLY encouraged to be at the scenarios their product is involved in to ensure the correct presentation of the product and its use.   At the end of every scenario the teams are questioned concerning the benefits and drawbacks of each piece of technology used in that scenario.  This is invaluable real-time feedback for vendor product.  

 Other benefits of Vendor/Sponsorship may include but are not limited to:

  • 1 Year on the Urban Shield website.
  • Booth space in our Vendor Show on Friday, September 9th, at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds
  • Networking with VIP’s at the VIP Dinner.
  • Full or partial page in our Urban Shield Magazine.
  • Beta test environment for vendor products.
  • Team Sponsorship.
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