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Greetings Fellow First Responder Professionals,

My name is Mike Chaffee and I am the Director of Business Development, Ground Law Enforcement for the Commercial Systems Division of FLIR Systems Inc. FLIR Systems Inc. is often recognized as a world leader in the supply of innovative and affordable thermal imaging technology for first responders and our latest handheld thermal imaging cameras for enforcement operations, the LS Series, H Series and BHS Series have quickly become a “must-have” technology.

FLIR Systems is a proud recurring sponsor of Urban Shield and in our years of supporting this full-scale exercise, we are again honored to participate in this one-of-a-kind opportunity, where we can place Sales and Product Teams “front and center” with the world’s finest first responders and tactical professionals. Urban Shield uniquely combines competitive preparedness training exercises together with exhibitor product and technology placements in arguably the most beautiful and diverse urban setting in the world. As a result, this event has quickly garnered a reputation as “THE” premier event to secure exclusive visibility into real-time operational and equipment challenges faced by responding SWAT, EOD and FIRE/EMS teams around the globe.

Like many of you, FLIR Systems Inc. is accustomed to participating in many industry trade events, and although we attend numerous top-notch tradeshows, expositions, and conferences every year, none is ever quite like Urban Shield. Very few offer both a venue to demo and discuss products alongside an invaluable opportunity to place technology into the hands of tactical professionals from around the world, who then immediately employ these products in a competitive scenario based training environment.

Urban Shield will present any tactical enforcement or emergency response equipment manufacturer looking to increase technology awareness, gain greater understanding of first responder needs, and secure direct feedback on product performance, with a compelling value proposition. More simply stated Urban Shield exemplifies value that we do not regularly realize with other trade events in the first responder vertical and it continues to be one of our most eagerly anticipated annual Law Enforcement events. 2017 will be no different. See you all there!

By Mike Chaffee
Director of Business Development, Ground Law Enforcement
Commercial Systems
FLIR Systems Inc.

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