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"Wiley X began its partnership with Urban Shield as a Silver Sponsor in 2009.  This annual event has allowed Wiley X the chance to share our expertise in the safety eyewear category with the first responders who rely on products like ours to safely complete their mission.  

The annual Urban Shield exercise continues to be one of the most versatile first responder training events in the country.  Training is an evolutionary process, one that many elements conduct by themselves.  Urban Shield’s variety of exercises expands the scope of the mission, covering active shooter scenarios, bomb threat scenarios, hostage rescue scenarios, & threats to community infrastructures.  Incorporating personnel from Fire, EMT, & LE, along with mass transit officials & port authority officials in order to improve the level of cooperation and execute procedures as quickly as possible with safety being the paramount message for everyone involved.

Our involvement has allowed us to reach out to all the operators who participate in this annual exercise.  This gives us a forum to discuss successes and failures, both of which help us make the best product we can.

Wiley X is proud to continue to support this annual training exercise. Allowing us the chance to meet the many local emergency response personnel to showcase our product line is crucial for our continued growth."

By Myles Freeman, Jr.
Wiley X

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